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The site for CYC and old school BMX fans

Posted in Uncategorized, Welcome to the Site on May 15, 2008 by Racer

Welcome to a site dedicated to CYC Distributing. CYC was one of the pioneers of BMX. They pre-date BMX magazines and began advertising in Motorcycle magazines and BMX newspapers by March 1975. They had early success marketing bikes as CYC Stormers using the bikes of other companies as early as 1975. Once again CYC found success and sponsored one of the fastest young racers the sport has ever known. Ronnie “The Animal” Ames began riding for CYC. The Ames Stormer would be a premier junior sized bike. They were alsos a distributor of BMX bikes by many popular companies including Redline, Webco and others.

The continued success saw CYC continue to grow and launch their own bikes. The CYC Stormer was now 100% a CYC. The brand faded away in the early 80’s. The ride CYC took was as wild as any BMX track. This site will try to do the legendary company justice. If you have anything you can contribute please register and log in and submit your pictures and information.


Erick Weinstetter