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CYC BMX jersey timeline

Posted in CYC Uniforms on May 22, 2011 by Racer

Just put this together today after looking thru an old NBA Newspaper from early 1979. It shows Arizona Powder Puffer Sara Rutledge sporting a CYC jersey I hadnt seen before. If you have any pictures of racers from BITD please email me them at along with any info, race, riders name, year etc.

The uniforms were not always changed at the start of the year. In fact sometimes several variations could be seen at one time. Like the 1980 Luja uniform in blue and yellow. In the black and white ’80 picture you see what appears to be a second version. This one looks solid with stars on the sleeve. Cant tell for sure if the Luja one also had stars. I cant find any 1981 pictures of a CYC racer. Now in my personal collection I have a picture of me racing a National in 1981. One of the guys in my Expert class had a ’79 CYC jersey on.

From memory the 75-77 version was a simple solid yellow jersey with black lettering. The 78 version is the legendary Bill Walters uniform when CYC was at its peak.  The 79 version was white body with blue sleeves in a sort of baseball cut.