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Some Factory and Some unknown CYC racers

Posted in CYC Team Riders on May 9, 2012 by Racer

Can you guys name the unknown racers? Can you name anyone in the pictures with them to help narrow down to class?

The one picture #5 looks like Byron Friday but I dunno. The top rider of course is CYC BMX Factory Ace Tony Perez.



1978 SoCal Factory riders

Posted in CYC Team Riders on November 4, 2010 by Racer

This team picture shows the CYC Factory riders from the Southern California area in 1978. I had the picture for some time trying to ID all the riders correctly with no luck. Hopefully one of you guys can help fill in the blanks. To see a larger version of the picture click on it.

Owen Dowdy – Factory CYC

Posted in 1980, CYC Team Riders on January 27, 2010 by Racer

I recently spotted this photo from a 1980 issue of “Bicycle Motocross Action”. It covered a race in Missouri and showed the Missouri hot shoes sitting in the pits. Owen Dowdy was on his bike in the picture. I read at the site Vintage BMX that Owen has passed away. Man i still feel 19 , its hard to believe so many great racers are no longer with us.

Tom Christopher – Factory Tioga

Posted in CYC Team Riders on January 6, 2010 by Racer

If you read the below post and comments on factory CYC racer Tom Christopher, you will understand why I posted this new thread. Tom had a long career on the track with great success. A family and sponsors that supported him. This advertisement (shown in part) is from September 1982 issue of BMX Plus!.

Today you can witness Toms continued accomplishments. Using the same values that lead to a career on the track have led him to one off the track. After BMX he went to college. Just like training for a BMX National, finishing school takes dedication and a goal. After College he went on to Law School. Today a practing lawyer Tom is raising a family and the cycle of success and family values continues.

Tom Christopher – Factory CYC

Posted in 1979, CYC Team Riders on December 16, 2009 by Racer

Wow I never knew CYC had sponsored Tom Christopher. My earliest memories of him were with Tioga. How could CYC miss the boat and not have the 4X rider featured in their advertisements in 1979? Maik Puschert sent me these two scans from the March 1980 issue of “Minicycle/BMX Action”. My guess is they are from a late 1979 race. It is a Malibu Grand Prix track. The NBA sanctioned races at this franchise all across America.

1980 NBmxA Winter Nationals

Posted in 1980, CYC Team Riders on October 28, 2009 by Racer

The 1980 NBmxA Winter Nationals were covered by BMX Plus!

The picture of is of a local rider, Charles Davis from Las Vegas doing it for CYC.


At the same race it shows 1979 NBA #1 X (SoCal) rider Tom Christopher aboard a CYC Ames Stormer.

It looks to me like he is wearing a CYC Jersey as the rider above him is.



Mike Muniz with Ernie Alexander 1978

Posted in 1978, CYC Team Riders on September 7, 2009 by Racer

I recieved some great photos from Mike Muniz. One is of him with his second place trophy at the 1978 NBA Grand Nationals indoor LA Sports Arena race.  Standing with him is NBA President and Founder Ernie Alexander. At the time the NBA was the undisputed king of BMX.  I have more pictures from Mike I will upload from time to time. Thanks Mike for digging them up!