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Now you know, the rest of the story

Posted in CYC Company History on April 11, 2011 by Racer

The entire time I raced, I never knew what “Magic Mushroom” stood for on the CYC team jerseys in 77-78. The 79 Jersey didnt seem to have it anymore.  I loved those old Blue and Orange jerseys. I would have rode for CYC in a second in 78 but it was my first year racing.  By the time I was good enough for a Factory co sponsorship CYC team was no more.

But what the heck did “Magic Mushroom” mean. I mean it was in huge letters on every CYC Jersey in those years.  Well thanks to Johnny Johnson and Leo Dano we now know. Leo it turns out rode for “Magic Mushroom” back in the 80s. But by this time CYC was gone. Turns out “Magic Mushroom” was a bike shop in Glendale, California. Now you know, the rest of the story.


Owners of CYC

Posted in CYC Company History on February 17, 2010 by Racer

This is from Jim Melton himself. Thanks Jim for sharing your knowledge and insight.

“The founder of CYC was John Shattuck. He is the one that talked me into getting into BMX.  He later took on a partner by the name of Terry Vienna. I think I met John in 1974 and Terry in 1975.  We use to build all the wheels for CYC in the early days.”

Very cool stuff. Maybe someone knows them or has more info to add.

Company Info

Posted in CYC Company History on May 17, 2008 by Racer

The earliest advertisements I have show CYC Distributing located in Hawthorne, CA in 1975. They remain in Hawthorne till 1981. In the October 1981 issue of “Bicycle Motocross Action” they are listed in the “Buyers Guide” at 12918 S. Spring St. in Los Angeles, CA.

One year later in the October 1982 BMXA Buyers Guide it lists CYC at 1617-K W. Rosecrans in Gardena, CA. However in none of the 82 issues can I find a advertisement or product release or mention of a CYC bike.

As of this writing I have very little information on the company. Who started it and owned it. Who was the CYC Team Manager etc. It is unclear when they went out of business. Though it is looking like they may have stopped producing bikes sometime in the early 80’s.  The last advertisement I can find for CYC is the July 1981 issue of BMXA. The add is full color but doesn’t show the bike, though it does mention the Stormer.  As I find out more I will update this section.

If you have any information please don’t hesitate to provide it by leaving a comment.