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October 1979 advertisement

Posted in 1979, CYC Advertisements on September 7, 2009 by Racer

This full page color ad shows the the lightning stickers still being used. The ad though was clearly written earlier then the ad appeared. Look closely and you will see that this ad talks about the “New” 1979 catalog. So clearly this is the 79 model.


But the ad appearing in Janurary 1980 shows the new bold Stormer logo. The Jan 80 issue probably was on newstands in November/December 1979. That means the add copy would have had to be at the magazine in Oct/Nov 1979. So the Bold logo is clearly the 80 model year but we can be certain it appeared in 79.



1979-80 CYC Luja Uniforms

Posted in 1980, CYC Advertisements on September 7, 2009 by Racer

This is an 1980 ad for the short lived Luja uniform company. Dont know if they were a part of CYC or simply sponsored the team.


Below is a 1979 ad for Luja. CYC still used to 78 jersey but has switched from the Bill Walters leathers.  In 79 you can see the switched the color stripe on the side of the pants to match the new 79 jersey.


Can anyone NAME the rider in either advertisment and tell me if they were Factory CYC?

May 1975 advertisement

Posted in 1975, CYC Advertisements on June 10, 2009 by Racer

This add shows a second CYC BMX model. Not sure who made this Monoshock. The add doesnt say but I don’t believe CYC was yet making their own bikes. Maybe one of you guys older than dirt may recall what brand this is or one of you willing to do some research. I checked and its NOT a Matthews frame set.


Oldest known CYC BMX advertisement

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This magazine advertisement for CYC BMX appeared in the December 1974 issue of Dirt Bike magazine. Its possible that they had in even earlier issues.

WOW advertising BMX almost since day 1 in BMX.  CYC truly a pioneer in BMX.


January 1980 advertisement

Posted in 1980, CYC Advertisements on November 29, 2008 by Racer

This is a large two page black and white ad. It shows that CYC was heavily into distibuting as much as selling their own brand. The ad shows that they carry numberplates. It shows a CYC Numberplate! Thats something Ive never seen before. It looks like it was made by the same people that made the Cooks Bros. plate.

These ads also show some of the parts they carried on the time and would have been found on their complete bikes and custom builds they did.



This part of a second two page add in the same issue of BMXA. The Ames Stormer part of the add can be seen elsewhere on this site. This part of the add features the Tri-Moly Panther and Mild Steel Stormer MX.


Ames Stormer

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Of all the Stormer models this is perhaps the best built. Named after CYC’s most famous rider Ronnie Ames. Ronnie was almost unbeatable during his years. This bike looks very similar to the Pedals Ready GT? Thats because it is the same frame.

Pedals Ready GT Ames Replica 1977

Pedals Ready GT Ames Replica

Ames Stormer Advertisement 1979? (Click on the link to see full size )

CYC Ames Stormer



June 1978 advertisement

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Looking to build a era correct CYC Stormer? This ad will help you out. It points out that CYC custom builds bikes from their large stock. Brands they carry include Shimano, Tange, Oakley and more.

June 1978 advertisement