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The “Lost” CYC Stormers

Posted in 1981 on September 23, 2009 by Racer

I just came across these pictures from the one time magazine “BMX Racer” from Jan. 1981. It shows 2 Stormer models I didn’t remember. I owned that magazine back in those days just don’t remember these pictures. First we have the “Stormer Comp 2” It is basically a new name for the Ames Stormer.




This second bike looks amazing. They list it only as the new Stormer so it is unclear if it had a fuller name like Pro Stormer etc.  Note all the changes. New huge top tube, new down tube bends at the headtube like the GT Performer but years before the Performer. Nice cool lil gusset tube like the National Pro or Webco Professional. The rear dropouts look like works of art. The seat stays meld into the top tube like I remember Astron’s or was it BXC or Traker did?

Not sure if this bike ever went into production or if you are looking at a picture of the only one known to exist. Had CYC came out with a sweet graphics package and ran ads for this bike, I’m sure it woulda been popular.