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1977 CYC Stormer

Posted in 1977 on July 22, 2010 by Racer

Wow Baird Bergenthal sent in pictures of his ’77 Stormer MX. Going to be a beautiful project as he included a shot of the parts for the build. Great looking original stickers. I will post a second picture of the complete build once its done.


1977 Stormer Survivor

Posted in 1977 on December 16, 2009 by Racer

Got these pictures from Keith Villa showing off his  classic 1977 CYC Stormer. He pointed out that it still had the original Skyway Tuff Wheel 1’s. The forks are rare chromed and stamped Ashtabula. The stem is a black stamped Ashtabula. The decals are in pretty good shape for a 1977.  Kieth bought this bike in 1977. So it is the truest form of survivor. Parts list also includes KKT pedals, Oakley grips and Nankang MX tires.

1977 CYC Catalog

Posted in 1977, CYC Catalogs on December 21, 2008 by Racer

This is an awesome contribution by Frank Klatte. Thanks Frank!!

I will try to use thumbnails to post the pages. Couldnt figure out how. The catalog has a picture of the CYC staff. Hopefully someone will recognize the owner and name him or her. Maybe point out who helped run things etc.

This isn’t even all the pages. If you need something specific like bendix hub parts or whatever let me know. If I can figure out how to use thumbnails or just go and use imageshack then I can include all the pages in much less space.




stormer19 redline1 stormer19turn2















1977 Ames Stormer Press Release

Posted in 1977, Ames Stormer on August 9, 2008 by Racer

CYC rider 1977

Posted in 1977, CYC Team Riders on July 2, 2008 by Racer

This is a 1977 picture of Ronnie Ames I believe. It is grainy and cant say for sure. Note they are still using the Y logo instead of the box bars Y.

1977 CYC rider

December 1977 advertisements

Posted in 1977, CYC Advertisements on May 16, 2008 by Racer

This is a lesson in bad marketing. How could a company with talented riders like Ronnie Ames not make it huge? Note the CYC ad. Doesnt exactly grab you and go whoa look at that bike. Look closer. It talks about the #1 bike for #1 riders, yet the rider has a 3 on his number plate. Look even closer. The rider is not even wearing a CYC uniform. Great company, bad marketing. In the same issue of “Bicycle Motocross Action” on the same page it has a Bill Walters ad. The ad features CYC rider Ronnie Ames. But look at Ronnies uniform, see any CYC logo?

December 1977 advertisement

October 1977 advertisement

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This ad shows the CYC decaled, Redline Squareback being sold as a CYC Stormer MXR.

October 1977 advertisement