1976 Catalog


They used the exact same Front Cover for 1977 that they had for the 1976 Cover. Thats why I posted the 76 Back Cover. Weird but the 77 Cover added text to show it was 1977. The 1976 catalog says it is 60 pages not including covers. In actuality it is 70 pages. They use a replaceable page system so catalog is not binded but has holes for ringer. If a page is updated or the item is no longer carried they bike shop could replace or remove the old page easily. Each page is date stamped. The catalog I just received is from February 1976. Many pages are of items such as pads, decals and cleaners etc. Ive selected a few pages to publish here.

The bike kits for the Webco, Redline and CYCs are all identical. An econo version with 1 piece cranks and a team version with more alloy parts. But even the econo version was really race ready and a big improvement

The 1976 Stormer is just a AAA Rascal re-branded. Notice the decals on the ’76. I have never seen these before. The letters are two equal ribbons.





This is the inside of the back cover. Inside the catalog is reprints of a bike test and several race photos by Wayne Epperson. There is even a how to maintain your bike.
This photo shows factory Kawasaki racer Jim Watson. It looks like he is racing a aluminum Kawasaki. Behind him is his brother Arch (Archie). It looks like Arch is racing a CYC Redline/Stormer. The Redline was a Squareback frame and Redline forks and the CYC kit.




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