Is this a 1975-76 CYC Stormer or a Rascal?

I got the following pictures and email.

Just came across this bike, I went to look at a few bikes on ebay that happened to be local and the owner is a huge old bmx collector. His was in his garage he didn’t know what it was but he new it was special. I did a package deal and bought 4 bike and some parts.


It doesn’t have a serial number anywhere, the seatpost mast has two slits, one in the front as well, is that how it was made? Appears to be a nickel finish. It came with Ashtibula forks and cranks which are stamped ’76. Has a double clamp neck with no markings or stampings, so I don’t know what it is. It also has a 36 tooth 3 arrows sprocket, and a red Lester mag (front) only.

I want to build the bike, do you suggest I put the frame in oxolic acid or leave it the way it is? If you know someone that has a set of the banana seat rear bars that CYC made let me know.

Check out the picks, hoping you can give me some history, ….year, model, how many were built for the year whatever info you may have. I like the history of stuff like this. – Darryl”


I’m not sure if it is a CYC Stormer (First Edition) or its identical cousin the Triple A “Rascal”. I believe the bikes are identical. However if you look at the release image of the CYC Stormer from 1975 it has some identical parts as yours, so I believe it is most likely a CYC Stormer. More on the Rascal in another post.

Anyone else have anything to add and help the guy out?





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