1975 Triple A Rascal advertisement

I chopped this add up to show the Triple A logo and Rascal icon. This clearly was the bike that CYC used as there own first edition CYC Stormer. Earlier editions used another companies frame, but did not hide that fact. The first CYC Stormers were just complete bike kits. Not a true race model.

In fact in their haste to rush out the CYC Stormer bike, they simply colored over the Rascal decal for the Press Release in “BMX News”.  So I dont think its possible to say for certain without decals or any insight if a bike is a CYC Stormer or a Triple A Rascal.

The ad shown is from the September 1975 issue of “BMX News”. The first press photo for the CYC Stormer was in the following months issue.

I’m also going to go out on a limb and guess that perhaps CYC which was a distributor located close to Triple A, may have bought out Triple A. CYC was in Hawthorne in South LA County, Triple A was in Gardena also. This link shows just how close they were. You may have to zoom out one click.

Again that is just a thought. I don’t see any advertisements for Triple A after that September 1975 issue.  If anyone knows any of the details of what happened to Triple A (Rascal) or its owner(s), please reply.


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