Amazing Ames Stormer Restoration

As you can see I re-chromed the bike and forks. Tried to use as much original parts as I had when I was a kid. My dad bought me this bike at Hank & Franks Bike shop in Oakland , CA right around 1978 or ’79. The downtube decal is not the right one. I had a CYC Ames Stormer decal. I cut this one up and put it on. There are no serial numbers or if there was they got worn down. I bought and put on these new parts. Chain, tires, brake lever, and cable, grips, pedals, seat. All original is the frame, Cycle Pro forks with new decals, Original handles bars, Araya rims, Sugino cranks, original Dia Compe brakes and Mathauser brake pads, seat post, post clamp, goose neck . If you guys know the exact year and where I can get the right downtube sticker that says CYC Ames Stormer that would be great! Enjoy! David Cato


One Response to “Amazing Ames Stormer Restoration”

  1. The lightning decals pretty much started in 1978. I think they used them on the Ames up until and including 1980. Here would be the correct decal.
    Hard to find them but check the internet and go to BMX swap meets. Maybe a CYC fan here will have a set.

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