1976 CYC Bike advertisment and kit

This is an advertisement showing CYC’s first bike.  It was sold as a kit or in parts.  It was the same bike as the AAA Rascal. So it would  be interesting to know if CYC was making it for them or vice versa. I still haven’t heard who welded all those CYC’s. This was from an October 1976 issue of a BMX Magazine. Man hard to believe BMX Magazines dated back that far.


2 Responses to “1976 CYC Bike advertisment and kit”

  1. Tammie Ames Says:

    I tried to contact the email that was provided on this website with no luck, so didn’t know who to contact. Thought maybe you would like to know that we still have the very first Ames Stormer ever made. We also have magazines, leathers and pictures from the Ronnie “The Animal” Ames erra. Let us know if there is anything we can answer. Glad to see that some people are still interested in the history!

    Ronnie “The Animal” and Tammie Ames

    • Ronnie himself is reading this site?! How cool. Other former CYC racers including Tom Christopher and Mike Muniz have also dropped in.
      Thanks for posting Tammy. Send any pictures you want posted to bulletproof2000@live.com
      Any info Ronnie remembers about his days with CYC please share.
      How and when did Ronnie make his first ever BMX race?
      When did Ronnie’s dad open his own BMX track?
      You seemed to get out of BMX at a early age, what happened?

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