Now you know, the rest of the story

The entire time I raced, I never knew what “Magic Mushroom” stood for on the CYC team jerseys in 77-78. The 79 Jersey didnt seem to have it anymore.  I loved those old Blue and Orange jerseys. I would have rode for CYC in a second in 78 but it was my first year racing.  By the time I was good enough for a Factory co sponsorship CYC team was no more.

But what the heck did “Magic Mushroom” mean. I mean it was in huge letters on every CYC Jersey in those years.  Well thanks to Johnny Johnson and Leo Dano we now know. Leo it turns out rode for “Magic Mushroom” back in the 80s. But by this time CYC was gone. Turns out “Magic Mushroom” was a bike shop in Glendale, California. Now you know, the rest of the story.


13 Responses to “Now you know, the rest of the story”

  1. correct, that’s late 77/78. check the longer seat post tube. I have an 81 CYC ames (black) another super rare frame/bike and has the shorter seat post. that frame above is basically a “pedals ready” GT

  2. how do you post pictures? I have a few of the Ames bike I found

  3. Hey all. I’m the one that raced for Magic Mushroom. I believe it was 1982-85. Our Uniforms were Green and White. The only racers I can remember were Peter Abey and Shawn Robbins they were my close friends, the rest of the Team was the Owners Sons and the Brother of one of the Bike Shop Mechanics. I have a picture of me and the Owner at the time in front of the Bike Shop with my 6 foot Trophy I won at the Magic Mountain Race. It’s actually the only Trophy I kept through the years. Not sure if you can get to my Facebook Pics but I have a few pics of me racing with my MM Uniform.

    • Yeah the Magic Mushroom co sponsorship only lasted one year it looks like for the 1978 season. But its very cool for you to share this information. Now we know the shop stayed hardcore BMX even after the deal fizzled out with CYC.

  4. Pete Abey Says:

    I was one of the originals with Leo, Shaun McCoy, Sean Robbins, the Belcof Boys and the rest.

  5. Leo Dano Says:

    @ Racer Send me your email address and I’ll send all my Magic Mushroom Photos with us in our Team Uniforms.

  6. Kevin Belcoff Says:

    I raced for Magic Mushroom back in the early 80’s. My family owned the bike shop. Great times. I saw a posting from Leo Dano and had to post something to see if anyone was still out there from the team.


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