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Rare CYC decals now on eBay

Posted in CYC Decal Sets on July 25, 2010 by Racer

I dont know who is selling these, but wanted to give you guys a heads up since CYC decals almost never pop up.

This is the end time (Jul 28, 201015:58:59 PDT)


1977 CYC Stormer

Posted in 1977 on July 22, 2010 by Racer

Wow Baird Bergenthal sent in pictures of his ’77 Stormer MX. Going to be a beautiful project as he included a shot of the parts for the build. Great looking original stickers. I will post a second picture of the complete build once its done.

Pedals Ready/GT Ames Replica

Posted in 1976, Ames Stormer on July 9, 2010 by Racer

The first version of what would become one of the most iconic bikes of a generation. It would also be the birth of the largest bike company the world has ever known.

Ames Stormer timeline

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This is a work in progress as all areas of my websites are. If you have any pictures, or catalogs or anything to contribute please email me at


Pedals Ready is a Pro Shop at the Western Sports-A-Rama BMX track. Gary Turner begins making them bikes selling them as Pedals Ready/GT “Ames Replica”———————————————————————————————


CYC begins selling them as Stormer  “Ames Limited Edition”.  *Note the catalog shows them still with GT downtube decals but a CYC head tube decal. Shown it was sold only as frameset. But CYC also sold kits so some bike shops may have gotten them complete with kits from CYC.



CYC now has its own Stormer downtube decals for the bike and begins marketing it as the “Ames Stormer”.

Bold colorful decals, like lightning, that most people remember CYC’s with.

Mid 78- Late 79 maybe



This is part of the ad that ran from Jan-Sept 1980. It may have ran longer but my collection ends in September and doesn’t start up till later in ’81.



No Information from CYC advertisements. All the adds showed a color posterized version of art. But looking thru the archives I remembered this 1981 release in “BMX Racer” magazine. It loooks as its possible that with Ronnie Ames no longer racing in ’81 they renamed the model the “Stormer Comp II”. It is clear in these pictures it is a Ames Stormer frame with new name.


Model Changes Changes made, not big changes but noticeable

OK looking over the pictures it became clear how to tell a 76-77 Pedals Ready/GT Ames  from the 78-80 CYC Ames Stormer. The GT version had a seat post tube that extended well past the top tube. The CYC only version had the post length reduced to about the same length as the top tube ran past the seat tube.