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CYC Pikes Peak Part 1

Posted in 1978, Pikes Peak on November 21, 2009 by Racer

These pictures are from the October 1978 issue of “Bicycle Motocross Action”. They appear courtesy of Bob Osborn. Do not reprint or publish without his expressed written permission.

Seeing the bash guard on the Stormer Jr. made me wonder if it wasn’t the Pikes Peak bike. So I had to find the article. Clearly the bash guards are different. And the bike in the test is a regular Stormer. I have not reprinted the article do to its very long length. I may later on till then try to get your hands on the magazine and enjoy these pictures in the meantime.


1978 or 79 Pikes Peak Stormer Jr.

Posted in 1978, 1979 on November 21, 2009 by Racer

Ok this bike was recently spotted and I had to add it to the site. Thanks to Steve for sending me the pictures. Two very unsual things about this bike. First was immeadiately obvious. The bike has a CYC Bashgaurd just like the one in the article in “Bicycle Motocross Action” on Pikes Peak.

Was this that bike, or merely a local attempt to duplicate the Pikes Peak bike?  **Editors Note- See the article above (Pikes Peak). Clearly the bash guards are different, and the bike used in the test was stickered as a regular Stormer. **

Second was the decal says Stormer Jr. Never heard of this model before. The bike shows tall and looks like a a regular Stormer. This bike has a 18.5″ top tube just like a regular Stormer.  So what is the difference? Could it be that CYC had intended to do a CYC Stormer Jr. Model and just never did? This clearly looks like a regular Stormer to me. Could it be the factory simply mislabeled it? This is a very interesting find.

***This just in*** Barry (last name unknown) just commented that he was on the CYC mailing list for years.  CYC it turns out made a production run of special edition Pikes Peak Stormers and Stormer Jr.’s. maybe 500 of the Stormers and 250 of the Stormer Jr.s were planned for production. It is unclear how many they actually produced. Thanks for the info Barry!***