The “Lost” CYC Stormers

I just came across these pictures from the one time magazine “BMX Racer” from Jan. 1981. It shows 2 Stormer models I didn’t remember. I owned that magazine back in those days just don’t remember these pictures. First we have the “Stormer Comp 2” It is basically a new name for the Ames Stormer.




This second bike looks amazing. They list it only as the new Stormer so it is unclear if it had a fuller name like Pro Stormer etc.  Note all the changes. New huge top tube, new down tube bends at the headtube like the GT Performer but years before the Performer. Nice cool lil gusset tube like the National Pro or Webco Professional. The rear dropouts look like works of art. The seat stays meld into the top tube like I remember Astron’s or was it BXC or Traker did?

Not sure if this bike ever went into production or if you are looking at a picture of the only one known to exist. Had CYC came out with a sweet graphics package and ran ads for this bike, I’m sure it woulda been popular.


6 Responses to “The “Lost” CYC Stormers”

  1. I love your site.. I was 14 when I got my Stormer in 1980. It was the one with the bright decals and the lightning bolt over the T. I also had bought the blue Skyway Tuff II’s with blue tires as I trimmed it all out in blue. My brother inherited the bike when I got my license 3 years later and it took him about a week to get it stolen. I used to jump everything… I bent my one piece crank, then went to a three piece. Never broke the frame or bike. I used to tie it to a tree and jump in a clean river in NY state then pull the bike out and do it again and again.. always took the bike apart and regreased everything.

    Anyways.. great site…

    • Those days were the best times of my life. We rarely took pictures or saved anything, not knowing years later how precious those times would be.
      First time i jumped into a lake was in Savannah, GA. It was the lake next to the ABA track. Security kicked us out. Hopefully youll find a CYC to replace it and tell your brother he can help you look for one 🙂

  2. When I turned fourteen, in 1981, I bought a Stormer with the chrome frame and some cool options, Tuff Neck, KKT pedals, ect. Incredibly, I found the bike 30 years later hanging in my uncle’s barn. My nephews had beat it up pretty good over the years but it’s all there. Finding your site has convinced me to restore it to its original glory.

    Here are some pictures as it looks right now.

    • Great story. Ciool to get your old love back. The pictures are not showing up for me. Maybe its because I’m using Opera as my Browser, I dunno.

    • I finally finished the restoration! I was mistaken and I actually purchased it in 1980! Below are some pictures. It’s just as I remember it except for the gumwall tires.

  3. Wow that looks stunning, begs to go racing and jumping on.

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