1979-80 CYC Luja Uniforms

This is an 1980 ad for the short lived Luja uniform company. Dont know if they were a part of CYC or simply sponsored the team.


Below is a 1979 ad for Luja. CYC still used to 78 jersey but has switched from the Bill Walters leathers.  In 79 you can see the switched the color stripe on the side of the pants to match the new 79 jersey.


Can anyone NAME the rider in either advertisment and tell me if they were Factory CYC?


5 Responses to “1979-80 CYC Luja Uniforms”

  1. I found some LuJa pants at the thrift any idea on how long they were present, or who the company catered to? they look like MX pants…..

    • Well we know they made a push into BMX by sponsoring CYC. Unfortunately they were not a popular pant and other then CYC dont remember any BMX team using them. I wouldnt be suprised if they did MX also. Usually MX pants have leather knees. Post a link to a picture of yours or send me an email with them to bulleptroof2000@live.com Nice find at a thrift store. Ive never found any BMX clothes at one.

  2. I was the person who won this contest! I came up with the name “Pacers” and they sent me a new CYC Stormer!

    • Awesome. Do you still have the bike or any pictures f it? Good name but the company didnt really seem to get any pros or teams, they just needed a little extra edge.

      • I have one photo of it somewhere. Wish I still had it. I was searching for one and this came up. The pacers were more suited for motorcycle riding than BMX. They were bulky. I also got a pair when I won the bike. I thought of the name Pacers because I saw am AMC Pacer and thought it was a perfect name. I wish I could find the issue of BMX Action when they announced the winner. My parents had a copy but long gone after almost 40 years!

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