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CYC Team Rider history

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Recently the site was visited by #55 in the CYC advertisement for the Ames Stormer. Turns out that rider is none other then Mike Muniz. I decided to create a master list of all known CYC Factory and Support riders. If you have any info or pictures to share please leave a comment or email me at

CYC BMX Factory Team

Ronnie Ames – 1977-?. (Arizona)

Tom Christopher – 1979-80? (Southern California) NBA 1978 #4X, 1979 #1 X

Charles Davis – 1980 (Nevada) 1979 #12 V

Owen Dowdy – 1981? (Missouri) One of the “Missouri Outlaws”.

Mike Muniz – 1978-? (Southern California) NBA 1977 #55 X, 1978 #26 X

Tony Perez – 1979 (Southern California) NBA 1978 #16 X

Ernie Ramirez – 1978-? (Southern California) NBA 1977 #1322 X

Jim Richards – 1978-? (Southern California) NBA 1977 #46 X

Sara Rutledge – 1979 (Arizona) NBA 1978 #21 A

Joeseph Tui – 1978-? (Southern California) NBA 1977 #89 X

[[District X was the NBA District for Southern California stretching from North of San Diego to South of Bakersfield. It was without a doubt the largest district in number of riders probably in the history of BMX. Getting a low number in District X was an accomplishment on the order of getting a ABA NAG (National Age Group) or NBL National number today.  District A was Arizona and District V Nevada, P Colorado, later Peublo and southern area only)


Below riders are unconfirmed but may have ridden for CYC.

Bobby Creek – 19??-19?? (State, area?)

Troy Creek – 19??-19?? (State, area?)


1977 Ames Stormer Press Release

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