CYC Bike Models

Stormer (Originally all Stormers where bikes by other companies like Redline. CYC was a distributor and most bike companies at the time didn’t sell complete bikes. CYC would fill that gap. Jim Melton at JM Cyclery was the one lacing up the CYC wheels for the complete bikes called Stormers.)

Stormer (1981) This model may or may not have ever been released. No adds from 1981 show the bikes. In fact it appears CYC went out of business in 1981. See the 1981 section of this site for details on the last Stormer model.

Ames Stormer (Started life as Pedals Ready/GT Ames Replica. Pedals ready was the Pro Shop at the Western Sports-A-Rama track in Orange, CA. Gary Turner was starting to make bikes so they teamed up. Gary’s son was younger racer like Ronnie Ames so making a bike for smaller riders was a no brainer. Ronnie was one of the hottest racers at the Western Sports-A-Rama track. Pedals Ready/GT also released a Dennis Dain Replica for larger riders)

Stormer MX (Mild Steel)

1978 Top Tube= 18.5″ Rear End= 14-16″ Weight=?

Stormer MXR (Tri-Moly)

Stormer JR (Mild Steel)

1978 Top Tube= 18.5″ Rear End= ?” Weight=?

Stormer Comp I First shown in the January 1981 issue of “Bicycle Motocross Action”. Page 21. The bike is first prize in a BMXA Drawing Contest. Loptail frame with NO front gusset. Parts include ACS Zwheels, Comp 3 tires, Tuff Neck, Alloy V Bars, Ame grips, Kashimax seat, Tange TRX forks, Shimano Tourney brakes and Takagi CroMo cranks.

Stormer Comp II First shown in the January issue of “BMX Racer”. See the 1981 section of this site for images and details. Unlike the similar named Comp I above, the Comp II was a totally different bike based on the Ames Stormer. Im guessing they no longer called it the Ames Stormer since Ronnie didnt ride for them in 1981.

Stormer Semi-Pro First shown (or at least mentioned) in the August 1978 issue of BMXA. Only spec of the bike is that it weighs 27 lbs. I believe it is the bike with the stamped CYC gusset.

Panther (Tri-Moly) It reportedly came out in 1980. One is shown in the BMX Musuem. It appears to be the next generation Stormer. The Panther is the same bike, just without the front gusset. Perhaps the Panther and the Comp 1 are the same, except the Comp 1 is all 4130. More info is needed on all the bikes.

1975/1976 CYC Stormer

1977 CYC Stormer

1978 Stormer


1978 CYC Stormer MX


Dave Rich's CYC Stormer

1979 CYC Stormer

1980 CYC Panther

1980 CYC Panther ad


9 Responses to “CYC Bike Models”

  1. Brad Apold Says:

    From what I remember, the Panther was first issued in black. My Brother bought a complete black Panther bike (Rydjor bike shop, Austin, MN) and very shortly after that the black finish basically fell off. From what I understand a common problem CYC replaced all the black frame with chrome frames. The MXR would be the same without gusset and I believe “Tri-Moly” frame. Was the “Comp-1” and the chrome Panther the same possibly???? I guess I never knew CYC did an all moly frame. Please feedback!!!!!!

    Wonderful site!!!! thank you!!

  2. parrish mcelvaine Says:

    i have a stormer with serial # 0046 please help

    • Erick Weinstetter Says:

      A picture of the bike always help. Post it to Imageshack or Photobucket then copy and paste the url they give in your comment.

  3. Hi there! I just found one of the stamped gusset models, and I am researching info on it. My main question is, is there a definite yerar on this model?

  4. Eric Johnson Says:

    The Semi Pro Stormer had no front gussets. I owned one in the early 80s. Very much resembled a Redline

    • OK thanks for the input. Any pictures of your bike?
      Would you know then what model had the DG like guessets?
      Perhaps the semi pro changed over the year?

  5. Joshua Arroyo Says:

    Can somebody help me, identify my CYC frame and fork. I believe it’s a Panther, but not sure? It has a sticker that reads “4 tubes 4130 (next part has faded), Gardena, California, Competition Racing Frame.” It has a 6 digit serial# starting with 88—-.

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