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1979 CYC Stormer

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This bike appears to have original Candy Blue paint and decals. The decals are yellow with brown trim (Old SD Padres colors). It is though missing the head tube decals. Not any good scans yet of 1979/80 advertisements that show the bikes well or tests. So it is not clear if the only decal missing is the headtube. This is my own bike so I will try to get some measurements off it and weigh it before building it up. Perhaps others can do the same.

1979 CYC Stormer


Top Tube – 18 1/4″ (measured center of head tube to center of seat tube, along center ridge as viewed from the side, of the top tube)

Back End – 14″-16″ (measured center of bottom bracket to front and then rear of dropout)

Weight – ?

Stormer sticker – 7 1/2″ x 1″

Competition Racing Frame – 9″ x 1/2″


Unknown CYC

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Not sure about this bike. It belongs to Sean Miland of Austin, MN. It appears to have the original cranks and sprocket. This sprocket is for certain one CYC carried and was found on bikes they offered. Early on CYC’s also featured box bars like the one on this bike and a single gooseneck as was common on old Stormers.

Unknown CYC Stormer

1978 CYC Stormer MXR

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This bike was submitted to the site but I am unsure who the owner is. It is a great example of the Stormer. Even has the seat stay decals in place and the pads. Great color combo for the bike.

1978 CYC Stormer MXR

The evolution to the first CYC

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CYC Distributing was created to sell MX then BMX parts to dealers. At first they would build complete bike kits also. They called their complete bike kits, Stormers. One model say a Stormer based on a Redline frame, would be CYC part number BMX-20RLM.  In the fall of 1975 that would begin to change. AAA Products was making a frame called a Rascal. In September it would launch an all new version. This looptail would be sold under the CYC Stormer name in October 1975. The bike would be tested in 1976 by “Bicycle Motocross News”.

July 1975 CYC advertisment

AAA Rascal Sep. 75 advertisement

October 1975 Press Release

June 1976 CYC Stormer ad

Brad Apold

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When you look at Brad’s pictures, it is easy to see why he loves CYC. It takes him back in time when life was carefree. Endless days spent jumping and riding with friends. Countless hours racing and practicing on the white northern dirt found in Minnesota. Thanks to Brad for his input.

Apold's racing on CYC's

Brad Apold crashing NBA race in Minnesota


Brad got hooked up with CYC thru his bike shop Rydjor in Minnesota. Note the shop owner sporting his CYC shirt. Is that a CYC Stormer behind him in the window?

Rydjor Bike Shop, Minnesota

Ames Stormer

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Of all the Stormer models this is perhaps the best built. Named after CYC’s most famous rider Ronnie Ames. Ronnie was almost unbeatable during his years. This bike looks very similar to the Pedals Ready GT? Thats because it is the same frame.

Pedals Ready GT Ames Replica 1977

Pedals Ready GT Ames Replica

Ames Stormer Advertisement 1979? (Click on the link to see full size )

CYC Ames Stormer



CYC Decals

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Thanks to Brad Apold of Minnesota, we can put up the decals for a couple of the Stormer Models. Hopefully someone (perhaps myself) will make a few sets.

1977 (Click on this link for full size version )

77 CYC Stormer Downtube

1977 CYC Headtube decal

1977 Stormer MX decals

1978 (Click this link for full size version )

CYC 1978 Stormer decals

CYC Ames Stormer decals