1976 Catalog

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They used the exact same Front Cover for 1977 that they had for the 1976 Cover. Thats why I posted the 76 Back Cover. Weird but the 77 Cover added text to show it was 1977. The 1976 catalog says it is 60 pages not including covers. In actuality it is 70 pages. They use a replaceable page system so catalog is not binded but has holes for ringer. If a page is updated or the item is no longer carried they bike shop could replace or remove the old page easily. Each page is date stamped. The catalog I just received is from February 1976. Many pages are of items such as pads, decals and cleaners etc. Ive selected a few pages to publish here.

The bike kits for the Webco, Redline and CYCs are all identical. An econo version with 1 piece cranks and a team version with more alloy parts. But even the econo version was really race ready and a big improvement

The 1976 Stormer is just a AAA Rascal re-branded. Notice the decals on the ’76. I have never seen these before. The letters are two equal ribbons.





This is the inside of the back cover. Inside the catalog is reprints of a bike test and several race photos by Wayne Epperson. There is even a how to maintain your bike.
This photo shows factory Kawasaki racer Jim Watson. It looks like he is racing a aluminum Kawasaki. Behind him is his brother Arch (Archie). It looks like Arch is racing a CYC Redline/Stormer. The Redline was a Squareback frame and Redline forks and the CYC kit.



1975 Triple A Rascal advertisement

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I chopped this add up to show the Triple A logo and Rascal icon. This clearly was the bike that CYC used as there own first edition CYC Stormer. Earlier editions used another companies frame, but did not hide that fact. The first CYC Stormers were just complete bike kits. Not a true race model.

In fact in their haste to rush out the CYC Stormer bike, they simply colored over the Rascal decal for the Press Release in “BMX News”.  So I dont think its possible to say for certain without decals or any insight if a bike is a CYC Stormer or a Triple A Rascal.

The ad shown is from the September 1975 issue of “BMX News”. The first press photo for the CYC Stormer was in the following months issue.

I’m also going to go out on a limb and guess that perhaps CYC which was a distributor located close to Triple A, may have bought out Triple A. CYC was in Hawthorne in South LA County, Triple A was in Gardena also. This link shows just how close they were. You may have to zoom out one click.

Again that is just a thought. I don’t see any advertisements for Triple A after that September 1975 issue.  If anyone knows any of the details of what happened to Triple A (Rascal) or its owner(s), please reply.

Is this a 1975-76 CYC Stormer or a Rascal?

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I got the following pictures and email.

Just came across this bike, I went to look at a few bikes on ebay that happened to be local and the owner is a huge old bmx collector. His was in his garage he didn’t know what it was but he new it was special. I did a package deal and bought 4 bike and some parts.


It doesn’t have a serial number anywhere, the seatpost mast has two slits, one in the front as well, is that how it was made? Appears to be a nickel finish. It came with Ashtibula forks and cranks which are stamped ’76. Has a double clamp neck with no markings or stampings, so I don’t know what it is. It also has a 36 tooth 3 arrows sprocket, and a red Lester mag (front) only.

I want to build the bike, do you suggest I put the frame in oxolic acid or leave it the way it is? If you know someone that has a set of the banana seat rear bars that CYC made let me know.

Check out the picks, hoping you can give me some history, ….year, model, how many were built for the year whatever info you may have. I like the history of stuff like this. – Darryl”


I’m not sure if it is a CYC Stormer (First Edition) or its identical cousin the Triple A “Rascal”. I believe the bikes are identical. However if you look at the release image of the CYC Stormer from 1975 it has some identical parts as yours, so I believe it is most likely a CYC Stormer. More on the Rascal in another post.

Anyone else have anything to add and help the guy out?




Amazing Ames Stormer Restoration

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As you can see I re-chromed the bike and forks. Tried to use as much original parts as I had when I was a kid. My dad bought me this bike at Hank & Franks Bike shop in Oakland , CA right around 1978 or ’79. The downtube decal is not the right one. I had a CYC Ames Stormer decal. I cut this one up and put it on. There are no serial numbers or if there was they got worn down. I bought and put on these new parts. Chain, tires, brake lever, and cable, grips, pedals, seat. All original is the frame, Cycle Pro forks with new decals, Original handles bars, Araya rims, Sugino cranks, original Dia Compe brakes and Mathauser brake pads, seat post, post clamp, goose neck . If you guys know the exact year and where I can get the right downtube sticker that says CYC Ames Stormer that would be great! Enjoy! David Cato

Some Factory and Some unknown CYC racers

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Can you guys name the unknown racers? Can you name anyone in the pictures with them to help narrow down to class?

The one picture #5 looks like Byron Friday but I dunno. The top rider of course is CYC BMX Factory Ace Tony Perez.


1976 CYC Bike advertisment and kit

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This is an advertisement showing CYC’s first bike.  It was sold as a kit or in parts.  It was the same bike as the AAA Rascal. So it would  be interesting to know if CYC was making it for them or vice versa. I still haven’t heard who welded all those CYC’s. This was from an October 1976 issue of a BMX Magazine. Man hard to believe BMX Magazines dated back that far.

CYC BMX jersey timeline

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Just put this together today after looking thru an old NBA Newspaper from early 1979. It shows Arizona Powder Puffer Sara Rutledge sporting a CYC jersey I hadnt seen before. If you have any pictures of racers from BITD please email me them at bulletproof2000@live.com along with any info, race, riders name, year etc.

The uniforms were not always changed at the start of the year. In fact sometimes several variations could be seen at one time. Like the 1980 Luja uniform in blue and yellow. In the black and white ’80 picture you see what appears to be a second version. This one looks solid with stars on the sleeve. Cant tell for sure if the Luja one also had stars. I cant find any 1981 pictures of a CYC racer. Now in my personal collection I have a picture of me racing a National in 1981. One of the guys in my Expert class had a ’79 CYC jersey on.

From memory the 75-77 version was a simple solid yellow jersey with black lettering. The 78 version is the legendary Bill Walters uniform when CYC was at its peak.  The 79 version was white body with blue sleeves in a sort of baseball cut.

Is this the cleanest Ames Stormer?

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I got a email from Jim Estelle regarding his Ames Stormer. He is the original owner and as far as he can remember his dad got it new back in 1978 from a bike shop. This is backed up by the decals. He didnt say if the chrome and decals are original. If so it is clearly NOS (New Old Stock) or as close as you can come. It is unusual in that is has the 78 decals but has a Gary Turner built frame.  The newer (2nd generation) Ames came out sometime in 1978. So perhaps his is the last batch of the Gary Turner built Ames and was simply made in very late 77 or early 78. It is unclear at this time when the first 2nd Gen frames were made.

It doesnt have a serial number just the letters “KAZ Y”. I dont think was normal for CYC and perhaps the bike was originally intended for a Team rider. Then the rider left before getting his or her bike.  Kaz could be a nickname or short part of the last name. Like Kos for Kosmala.

Now you know, the rest of the story

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The entire time I raced, I never knew what “Magic Mushroom” stood for on the CYC team jerseys in 77-78. The 79 Jersey didnt seem to have it anymore.  I loved those old Blue and Orange jerseys. I would have rode for CYC in a second in 78 but it was my first year racing.  By the time I was good enough for a Factory co sponsorship CYC team was no more.

But what the heck did “Magic Mushroom” mean. I mean it was in huge letters on every CYC Jersey in those years.  Well thanks to Johnny Johnson and Leo Dano we now know. Leo it turns out rode for “Magic Mushroom” back in the 80s. But by this time CYC was gone. Turns out “Magic Mushroom” was a bike shop in Glendale, California. Now you know, the rest of the story.

1978 CYC Ames Stormer

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Thanks to a CYC fan for sending me pictures of his Ames Stormer. It looks to be in great shape, just in need of a new decal pack. But thankfully till then he left the survivor decals on it.